DVD to AVI Software Reviews

If you’re needing software to convert or rip your DVDs to AVI video format, all of the software on this page are good options. Below are short reviews of each. You can click on the name of the software to read a more detailed review along with free trial download links.

dvd ripper platinum

1. DVD Ripper Platinum by iSofter – This program is one of the most popular online for converting and ripping DVDs to all sorts of video formats including AVI. It’s incredibly easy to use and very fast at getting the job done.

With DVD Ripper Platinum, you can backup your DVD collection to AVI format and watch them on your PC anytime. Click here for a full review .

movavi videosuite

2. Movavi VideoSuite – This is one powerful piece of software. Not only can you rip DVDs to AVI format, but you can also convert to AVI from just about any video format imaginable (e.g. MPEG, MP4, 3GP, WMV, VOB, etc.).

The Movavi VideoSuite is almost too easy to use. You can start converting your DVD collection to .avi format in just minutes. Click here for our full review..

3. Avex DVD Ripper - This is a very fast and easy option for converting your DVDs to AVI and other video formats. It only takes one simple click to convert from DVD to AVI. You can’t get any easier than that!

Avex DVD Ripper comes from Avex Software, which always provides good quality and support. It supports all sorts of video devices and formats and is one of the fastest rippers on the market. Click Here for Our Full Review..

4. DVD Ripper for Mac – For you Mac owners out there who need to convert and rip DVD movies to avi format, the best solution we’ve found is the DVD Ripper for Mac. This program can easily rip your DVDs to AVI format.

This software will work on any Mac computer (iMac, Mac Book, etc.). Click here for our full review.

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